Good Kids

A better clothing solution for frazzled new parents. Rents bundles of simple clothes and provides perfect service.


Good Kids began as an exercise in business design. I was tasked with building and pitching a business for my GA course, and had just returned from a month living with and observing my sister, a new parent. Oddly, shopping was a particular dilemma for them.

You would think that buying baby clothes is fun. On the ground, it’s much more complicated. Parents have to consider many competing factors. Wanting to buy the cute stuff, they are torn by concerns about whether the expense is worth the feasible wear-time (about 3 months), whether it’s the right time to buy a particular size, or whether its right to cover their baby in pink fluff. This leads to decision-fatigue. Then you add a crying baby, and sleepless nights to the mix, amplifying the problem.

I built Good Kids around the product-as-a-service business model. Parents would pay a monthly fee to keep their kids clothed, and didn’t have to worry about the cumbersome decision-making process. All the details of the service contribute to easing decision-fatigue, and supporting logical choices that still feel good.

Through discussions with all the new parents around me, I built the service and business model. Then pushed and validated the concept further. Building balance sheets, a financial model, go-to-market strategy and in the end, a full business plan for my university’s business competition.

Business design


Hong Kong Polytechnic University Microfund Competition

Header photo by Eric Murray