Inclusive Wealth Report

Branding for an organization that wants to redefine the way the world understands wealth.


The authors of the Inclusive Wealth Report want to redefine what nations regard as wealth. In contrast to GDP, the authors see wealth as the potential to create and sustain a peoples’ well-being. My design uses the visual language of money to depict components of inclusive wealth—human, natural and produced capital.

I worked on the small team that did the design and marketing of the inaugural report. Because of our work, the publication was the most-reported-on publication at the UN’s Rio+20 Conference, and was featured in a coverline on The Economist.

Following its success, the report grew into a long-term project for which I developed further iterations of the concept to create a lasting identity. The logo is reminiscent of a currency symbol, and can be used to as shorthand for Inclusive Wealth in figures and equations.

Brand strategy, web design and publication design


International Human Dimensions Programme, at the United Nations University